Based out of their studio in nearby Yarraville, Aacute is sisters Julie and Kelly who create work that is elegant with a sense of fun mixed in. Julie handcuts porcelain and polymer to create jewellery that mixes bold colours and geometric shapes to striking yet sophisticated effect. We reckon Aacute earrings are perfect for everyday use, but can easily make the transition from a casual occasion to a *super fancy party*. Kelly mixes scents and handpours Aacute candles with an attention to detail that sees her use sustainably sourced wicks that crackle with the sound of a campfire when lit. And her scent choices are downright amazing, from delicious floral and fruity scents like Lychee & Black Tea to the more weird but still wonderful scents like Bonfire Smoke. We first met the siblings at a design market a few years ago and have been fans of their work ever since. At the moment Al's fave candle is Rose & Geranium and Annabelle's fave is Clean Cotton but we're always changing our minds because they're all so good!