#emmaandcherie by Emma Collard and Cherie Peele

1-28 August 2016 installation at PS for Craft Cubed Festival 2016


Emma and Cherie installed some typically colourful work at PS, featuring lots of bright pink scattered around the space (sometimes in the strangest places!) and costumes that people could try on. A continuation of their ongoing work #emmaandcherie, it’s srsly worth checking out the hashtag on instagram!


Here’s a little interview we did with them:

hello #emmaandcherie
Hi Paradise Structures!

thanks for installing ur work at PS! it's so nice and bright to look at every day and there are little bits and pieces hidden around that we're still noticing even after a few days of being around it! or maybe we're not very good spies lol.
you mentioned when installing that this work was your retrospective, taking bits and pieces from previous collaborations. tell us a bit about some previous works or shows that have informed this work. 

Well a few years ago we had studios next door to each other at uni and we decided to both carry our artwork to a park and put it together. Then, next thing we knew we were joining our studios together to make one big set for playing and performing. There’s still stuff from this big set in our work today: Like patterns and tessellations. This ones our favourite shape:


After this, a few years later we had finished uni and got a tiny as desk space in a communal studio. We never got a desk and instead made another set where we developed a body of work that was shown at seventh gallery (in that really small space that seventh has). Anyway, why we’re telling you about this is the pattern for our new dresses displayed at PS were photos of our performance there. 
We like to keep on using the same ideas, images and objects and developing them as our method of making together. If we haven’t been with each other for a few months and we get together, using old work is a good way for us to get back into our collaborative mindset. We also think that if we just keep doing the same thing again and again in lots of ways something new will come out of it. 

we like how ur installation at PS pretty much exclusively uses bright pink and a bit of white. like, even though a lot of PS is painted pink and some of our clothes are pink, there’s no mistaking what’s your work and what’s ours. also, a lot of our materials when we were fitting out PS were sourced from upcycling/secondhand shops or were offcuts or leftovers from other projects we’d done and we’re seeing maybe some of that same kind of thing in your work too. can you tell us a bit about how or where you source your materials? 

We like to use artificial materials in our work. You can probably spot the difference in colour between our pinks and your pinks because all our work appears pretty plastic-y. We’re really into unnatural and fluorescent pink. 
We collect our materials from everywhere. Cherie has a strong love for shopping centres. However, our all time favourite places would have to be Resource Rescue in Bayswater and Reverse Art Truck in Ringwood. This love started from a young age when we both separately spent school holidays with our Mum’s there picking up different supplies. 
Maybe when the two of us finally met Reverse Art Truck bought us together but we can’t really remember. We’ve spent hours in there together collecting, finding things that we would have never set out to look for and in making mode scouring the isles in search of the perfect new material that will fit within our practice.