Giant Pansy 


Giant Pansy is run by artist and maker Alina Tan. Originally based in perth, Alina has recently re-located to the Netherlands to chase her dreams of always riding with a bike full of flowers.

Her curiosity of plants and flowers excites her practice across various printmaking, floriography, and design projects.Her love for design lies within creating patterns with intricate details like smiley faces and beautiful colour combinations (always with pink!) Her tiny but mighty collection of small stationery was created with gouache, watercolour, and a love of handmade processes and tactility. 

p.s. here's a funny story about giant pansy: "it came about from a uni assignment where we had to create a brand name from our full name (mine is alina tang) which actually perfectly re-arranges into giant anal - so i did my presentation but my lecturer wasn't too impressed, so i changed it to giant pansy (my favourite flower!) hehe :~)"