Shape Series Necklace in Ruby by Aacute

Shape Series Necklace in Ruby by Aacute


Stainless steel chain with sterling silver clasps and individually hand cut polymer clay

Glazed with a protective layer

Made In Melbourne by Aacute

Based out of their western suburbs studio, Aacute is sisters Julie and Kelly who create work that is elegant with a sense of fun mixed in. Julie hand cuts polymer to create jewellery that mixes bold colours and geometric shapes to striking yet sophisticated effect. Kelly mixes scents and hand pours Aacute candles with an attention to detail that sees her use sustainably sourced wicks that crackle with the sound of a campfire when lit. 

Care Instructions

Store away from direct sunlight, moisture and extreme temperatures (over 35 degrees) to prolong colour and durability

To restore extra shine lightly buff the surface with a lint free jewellery cloth

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