Togetherness Design

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Togetherness Design is run by Esther Sandler out of her Thornbury studio. We first met Esther when our bands played a show together, and we've played a few more shows since then because we love her band Pappy so much! They're often playing shows around Melbourne so check them out if you get a chance. Given Esther's charming lyrics and the sense of fun that you get from watching Pappy perform, it's no surprise that Togetherness Design exhibits this same vibrancy and playfulness. Togetherness Design garments utilise colourful illustrations and patterns drawn by Esther herself before being hand screenprinted or digitally printed onto fabrics made from natural fibres. And her talents extend to ceramics and jewellery too, making some of the cutest ceramic planters we've ever seen. Al has a pair of Togetherness Design Moon & Star Earrings which she swears are magic.